We are not a publishing house but maybe we should be?

We're not though. Because we're young and grass-roots all the way. Anyways! Being an editorial has never been our goal. We just wanted to experiment together, find an excuse to trade gifs compulsively and work on some Damn Cute Projects!

Look at us! We're such baes

Olimpia wanted to be a private investigator, but she didn't know how to fire a gun and wasn't interested in being in anyone's line of fire, so instead she became a copywriter. She's alive and well.
Gabriela is the proud co-owner of a motion and design studio, and she really loves Mexico City, because... hello? Micheladas. She hates exercising and takes way too many selfies.
We're both from Spain and, although we're often accused of being total drama queens, we're more into comedy: from 'Murder by death' to 'Broad city'